Rainy Musings.

I feel like a trailblazer
That I am clearing the path for
Not just myself
But so many others

To step into their truth
To challenge all of the belief systems
Put onto them as children
To truly feel in control
Of their own life, their own self, their own soul

The power of this feels endless
Like a raging storm
Pacific Low hurling its way to the edge of the Earths
Unleashing its fury
The roar of my words will be heard over even the most
Hurricane of winds
I will tower above all who challenge me
Or stand in my path
I stand
With the tall trees
Who have weathered many storms before me

For I have become one of them now
Solid as a mountain
The only thing that will carve me, shape me
Into another form
Will be the rains of my own tears
The winds of my own fury
The glaciers of my own heart
Calving away, growing anew as the cold closes in

Because it is in the darkness
And coldness of winter’s loss
That my heart cracks opens and expands
The ice builds as its breaks
And old pieces calve away
Unnecessary now
For growth is a consistently evolving
Infinite, dynamic process

And how I will grow now
Past the tallest trees and most majestic mountains
Wider than the largest storms
More expansive than all the oceans
That blanket this planet
I will grow beyond the confines of this Universe

I break the molds of all the cages that once confined me
I am now endless
Full of love, light and life
It is now
I am ready
To live

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