I feel as though I may burst with emotion
Of possibilities
Deep and endless like the ocean
The crystal blue waters beckoning the depths of my soul
You call to me in a way
Words cannot fathom
To be written
On such a paper
That does not deserve to be held by you

You with your eyes
Painted from the Heavens
Of love
I worry already about losing you on this Earth
Because I need one thousand lifetimes with you
To show you how much you are a part of me
And I a part of you
And together our souls are intertwined like the web of a spider
So carefully woven
The silky strands bouncing with light on the morning sun
With a stillness like glass
Our gaze on each other
Calm, a deep understanding,
Like the silence of the mountains
We need no words
For the depths of our love go far deeper than the roots of the oldest trees

I wonder
If all we could ever be
Are what we are
Then how beautiful a creation
Can be made in this Universe
We are a perfect constellation
Aligned by pure chance
Sparkling for eternity

For nothing can dim a love like us

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