Beauty in the breakdown: January 2020.

Photo credit goes to the incredible Asja Boros!

So here we are. At the end of an era. We are coming to the close of the astrological age of Pisces. The age of Aquarius is set to enter at the end of 2020. Then will begin its approximately 2,100 year cycle.

First off, a little astronomy here, which means some science to help explain what an astrological age is. As the Earth spins around its own axis, whilst moving around the Sun, it wobbles slightly. This allows for the Earth to move around each zodiac or astrological sign from one spring equinox to the next (March 21), hence going through all 12 signs. This movement is called the precession of the equinox. An entire rotation of this wobble, where the Earth completes into one full rotation back to its “original” tilted position, takes nearly 26,000 years. Therefore each state of wobble, takes about 2,160 years. This, is an astrological era!

Watching everything going on in our world right now, is depressing to say the least. Our weather systems are changing, creating bigger and more unpredictable storms and weather patterns. Cue the massive hurricanes we saw in the Caribbean this past fall, and the wildfires in Australia, and the massive heat waves in Europe last summer. Among many other things that are changing naturally speaking on this planet. Then there are the politics, and what we see going on as the patriarchy and system that has been in place for so long, being challenged. Repressed minorities have been standing up. Women are fighting for the rights to their bodies, and to their work. People of colour are fighting for their right to be seen for who they are, and not judged based on the colour of their skin or their ethnicity. Indigenous peoples are fighting for their land, stolen from them in ravage colonial actions. The Millennial generation is challenging how we view gender, and their right to choose how they want to identify in this world…along with how we view relationships, and how we choose to be in them and with whom.

The systems and the societal views that our parents (speaking as a Millennial) grew up with are breaking down, and we are the catalyst behind that. We are creating a new set of rules for how we want to live our lives, and what it means to be a human being in 2020. Though we may think its all been within our own minds, we have been aided and facilitated in this by the energies in our Universe. The movements of our solar system has helped put in place the exact transits and therefore events that have catapulted us to where we are right now. The way in which the world is changing, thanks in part to technology, is at such a rapid rate even I have trouble keeping up! The internet, and now social media is connecting us in a new and profound way.

Yet, all of it can be overwhelming. For our grandparents, for our parents, for us, and even for our children. We are already in the shift as we near the official start of the new astrological age. And we see it everywhere! Its hard not to get depressed about the state of things right now. BUT, the reason I have mentioned all this astrology is because there is method to my madness! As we sit in this discomfort, this collapse, this destruction…we must look to it as a purpose. To create, we must destroy. It is the fundamental principle of our Universe. In fact, our Universe was created by destruction…the explosion of one singular atom, cue the Big Bang. Without destruction, none of this would be here, as it is today.

We are sitting and observing the destruction of every single system set up by the age of Pisces. We cannot truly enter into the new era without a fresh, clean slate. That means a messy, horrendous, explosion is currently taking place. What a thing to be able to witness! All of our souls have chosen to be alive during this time, and witness this for a reason. YOU have chosen this for a reason. This week with the Saturn Pluto conjunction happening on Sunday, ask yourself why you are here, and why you want to be here? What is your purpose in this life? How do you want to live? How do you want to feel? What are your deepest desires? Because these planets are forcing you, whether you like it or not, to ask yourself those questions. It is up to you if you choose to answer them honestly, and act on them. If you do you garner the ability to rise to your highest, most evolved self. What a privilege to have such a transit, a time in history, to be able to level up and be who we truly are in this life.

So yes, our world is depressing right now. Everything is chaos, and there is so much fear in that. But, it is up to us to understand the bigger picture of what is happening on a global scale, but also within ourselves. It is our responsibility to take a deep breathe, sit in the discomfort, ask the hard questions, and then do the work. Because if we all do the work coming into this new age, we allow ourselves infinite possibilities to create the world we all want to live in. Cue the age of Aquarius.



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