As the ocean roads beside me
Reminding me it’s power
That I need respect
Such a beautiful giant 

Reflecting and dreaming
About all that has been
And all that will be

The warm breeze softens any hard thoughts passing through my heart
As I sit in such a stunning, relaxing, magical place
Reminding myself what a pleasure it is to be alive
To breathe this salty air
Feel it stick against my skin
Like spilled coke
From that catamaran ride with the sea turtles 

Thinking about home
I am not lucky
But grateful I have created
A life I don’t need to escape from
Or dread returning to
Because I live in such an incredible end of the road
Held and surrounded by those looking for something bigger, something deeper

Searching for their own Mariana’s trench
They hold their breathe and dive in deep
Hoping for enlightenment by the time they reach the bitter cold depths
That the answers will come in the hallucinations of unconsciousness 

It is only those who go past fear
To see their true whole selves
Those are who I live for
And want to be among 

And so I leave this place
Enriched and fulfilled
Ready to come home
And make my dreams come true 

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