Sunny winter days.

As the sun beams onto my face
I feel the warmth of summer
The sounds of spring echo through the forest
For the first time now
I feel it
The feeling of life, returning to the forest, returning to the earth
After a winter slumber
You feel all of it coming back
It feels like hope, promise
And the possibility of new beginnings
Breaths of fresh air
Pulsing through your lungs
You soak it in
On this rare February day

Slowly the sun returns
And so do you
And so does your joy
For all things here
And all things you

2 thoughts on “Sunny winter days.

  1. hypercryptical

    Your words a beautiful soothing breath of fresh air on this cold grey March day in the NE of England.

    But yes, the Earth is awakening!

    Anna :o]

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