Community. Humanity.

Today I gathered all my spare time
And marched
I marched to remind those who currently suffer
That they are not alone
I marched as a white Canadian
Showing my support for my Indigenous brothers and sisters
Because ultimately
We have to walk forward together
All colours, races, genders, whoever you are
As humans
As one

As part of the Millennial generation
I am proud to be changing the perceptions
To help in challenging the colonial system
Supporting the Indigenous Peoples whose land I was raised on
To use my white privilege and give them a stronger voice
A more supported voice
So that everyone on this land has one
And so we can all move forward

For a healthier collective, country and Earth
We all march to the same drum
I am proud today
To be a white Canadian
Walking alongside all of my brothers and sisters
Toward a future
Where we walk together as equals
At last

One thought on “Community. Humanity.

  1. hypercryptical

    I would be proud too.
    I hope that one day we will all walk together as equals – for that is what we are.
    Anna :o]


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