Deep within the void of 2020 and the rebirth of a new world.

What a time to be alive. The rebirthing of a new world is happening as the words I type leap onto this page. Everything is unknown, nothing is guaranteed, everything is changing. It is terrifying, exhilarating, beautiful, horrifying, tragic, painful, uncomfortable, confusing. All of modern day distractions we created have been removed; work, social events, community events, school, travel. All that is left right now is being with ourselves. Its just you, and all parts of you. As a collective we are being forced to face all parts of ourselves, especially the parts we have so easily tried to distract ourselves from seeing. The parts of ourselves and our lives that we only think about in our deepest, darkest moments. The parts of ourselves that usually only flash before our eyes, or that we take time to reflect upon as death quickly approaches. We are all facing our death right now. Our death of a world created to distance us from ourselves.

If you haven’t been living a life truest to you, if you have been fulfilling others or societal expectations over your own desires, if you haven’t crossed off anything on your dream list, if you have created excuses to not to the scary things you REALLY want to do…you are probably feeling VERY uncomfortable right now. Perhaps you are still in denial, and it hasn’t quite hit you yet. It will. This is not going away. This will never “blow over and go back to business as usual”. Things will never go back to normal. Normal is gone. Normal is different. Normal is changing every second of every day.

Last week I took part in the global meditation of April 4th, as two massive planets Jupiter and Pluto crossed each other in the night sky. The ability of humanity to connect on deeper levels than just physical touch or verbal communication, is a beautiful and powerful thing. We all have been seeing this for awhile, the movements of healing and spirituality and supporting one another in deeper and more meaningful ways. And now it is here. The Age of Aquarius. The period of enlightenment, the Golden Age as some call it. It is here. Right now. Remind yourself what a beautiful and profound time to be alive. We all have the opportunity to witness and contribute to a brand new world and way of being for us all as a species.

I have chosen the shadow for three years now. I have chosen to remove the distractions and sit with all the parts of myself. Especially the ones that scared me, that embarrassed me; the ones I really didn’t like. Perhaps because I have been doing this work for the last several years it makes this slightly less terrifying for me. I don’t know because I can’t speak to anyones experience but my own. And it still has its ups and downs, just like any human being. But I know that I believe in the things I am seeing shift right now. I believe in the evolution and growth of not only myself, but humanity. I trust in the Universe and the messiness of this unfolding process, because I have no other choice but to, if I want to have any semblance of peace during this time. I am staying present, more than I ever have before. I have to, otherwise I would be so overcome and consumed by fear, as so many are.

I can suggest to all of you to look as astrology and what is is telling us, how it has been guiding us for this. I can tell you that for me is has been a sense of comfort and knowing to help prepare for what may come, or at least know what will come even without being able to see the form of how it may look. No one knew the breaking down of our current global system would involve mass forest fires, earthquakes, financial collapse, and a pandemic. But astrology has been telling us something big was coming, and here it is. Who knows what may come in the future, as our world continues to try and fight the change. It will likely take years for all of this to reconfigure our new way of being. But what I do know, and something my therapist always tells me-is that this all shall pass. Everything always passes. That by no means implies a return to “normalcy” or in essence how things were before. No. Things will be different. They will be in a way we have never seen, experienced, or imagined before. But the beauty of that is a clean, blank slate. And we get to colour it with our art, with our souls. We get to decide, from the depths of our hearts, how we want to feel, moving forward, together. Not from fear, not from distractions, not from detachment. We move forward, together, fully connected to our truest selves, for better or worse. Only together, fully human, fully present, fully vulnerable and fully accepting…will we walk together into our new world.

3 thoughts on “Deep within the void of 2020 and the rebirth of a new world.

  1. A very optimistic piece and you are right something had to change as we are on the wrong track already for a very long time. The world might change but greediness for one will not be slayed easily. I hope you are right though

  2. Something about all this is worrying me, but I agree with you, what a time indeed to be alive! My fave part is that Mother Earth is healing.

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