Venusian Reflections

Here I sit
Putting words onto a page
For the first time in eons

Or so it feels
As the cosmic shifts
Around me
Changing in undeniable ways

Endings and beginnings 
Have been awaiting for awhile
Whiles of wonderings
Ever so softly
Whispering in my ear

I stand now
Fully in my power
Leaning into the path I now take
Alone and together

Moment by moment
Each tree I plant
Firmly rooted in the soil of its existence
The Universe cascading within
Brewing with new life
I become more of me

And so I lean in
Covering myself with each new Universe
Until they grow upwards
Surrounding me with their wisdom
Loving me with their perspective
Stretching further than my own eyes see

I am love and all surrounded
A trove of greenery
Lucious nature’s gift
Beckoning my being within

And so I walk
Shaded now from any distractions
Into the light of evolution
And around the next corner
Of my new life 


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