I am alone.

So utterly alone

In my thoughts and misery

The deep wave of grief

Crashing over my head

A tsunami inside my heart

Feeling all the after effects

Rippling through my veins

As the blood stops pumping

My heart shrivels

So tired from beating hard

For you

All those months

All I feel is what wells up

Years flowing

Tears growing

Building up for another storm

Our life is gone

And I don’t want to believe it

Keeping my eyes shut to reality

So the flood won’t pour out of me

Again and again

Neverending these days

As the moon lights up the sky

I fall to my knees in surrender

The end of a cycle

The end of a dream

The end of a love

The end of a life



You didn’t

You won’t

Choose me

I can’t remove the spines from my heart

Quite yet

Too embedded

Into every part of my being

I tell myself everything I am supposed to know

All the practicalities of my realities

But nothing matters

As I am swallowed whole by this ocean

Eyelids still my eyesight

The darkest hues of blue

I am drowning in the shadows

Of you💧

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