I am brought to the ground

Your Capricorn stellium

Reminding me of all the ways I miss you

The Earth is home

And it still feels like you

A connection yet there

Will soon be gone forever

Old growth once known

Towering over my soul

Crashing into oblivion

The sound heard but by me

Echoing and reverberating throughout

My rib cage

Holding my heart

Still beating for you

I can’t imagine looking up

To see the hole in the sky

The giant void created by you

Where you once stood

In my forest

Through the new opening

Light can shine in

But all it holds right now

Is space for the rain

To pour in

Like a faucet

Drenching me

In all that we will never

And weren’t supposed to be

So I walk away

My feet held by the mossy floor

Cushioning the blow

Of the emptiness inside

I wander through the forest

Held by the other trees

Whispering me

To carry on

Butterflies fluttering across my path

Showing me the way

And reminding me

I am held

And I am not alone

However alone I feel

In this forest

And the old growth of you

I have lost


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