Winds of change

As I gaze around this beach
Each human
At a 45 degree angle
Just to walk
Against the forceful fury of mother

Fits of laughter
Embracing and enveloping
Her mighty roar
I lean into
Try to ground my footing
So as not to be knocked over
By the winds of change

Feels so appropriate
With all happening
In this year of 2020
The great change
A coming

She knows
And she screams out
Letting out what all of humanity
Has felt
Has embodied
Has lived
The anger, fear, frustration
Blowing through us

Greys upon greys
Even the birds know to ground today
To slow
As we all must
As it takes
A half hour
To make my breakfast
This morning

A day I planned to hustle
Busy bee as we can all be
And have been
In this age of Pisces

No more
She roars again
As I watch the ancient cedars
Dance around me
The winds of change

Slowing down
Is what we are here for now
Slow down and stop
To move forward
With grace
Into Aquarius

I feel the salty breeze
Whip across my face
Stinging a little
Unfamiliar feelings
Against my skin

For this is new to us
Churning up the new energy
Being delivered to us
From the cosmos
All our feelings, thoughts
Swirling in the ocean now
Cast out
Into the oblivion
Of endings

Now we must all be forced to close our eyes
Go within
Feel the last of the Piscean water
And know the Aquarian winds
Are here to stay
In our forever

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