It is April 11th at 7:31 pm PST that we truly begin anew, with the Aries new moon. Though with the Spring Equinox, in the northern hemisphere the amount of sunlight now surpasses the amount of night, we began the astrological new year, we have not yet fully begun. It is a transitional space we have been lurking in, sitting in, being held in. The void between life and death, creation and destruction, evolutionary beginnings. This is where we have been as we await the Moon’s darkest point of this new year. This dark space of the feminine is a powerful, luminal space to create, wish, dream, begin. The force of the Moon will help bring us into this new emergence with true power, nurturance and grace.

Not without growth, this moon has been dancing with Chiron, the Wounded Healer. He will ask us all to work with our one great wound this year, to hold it close and in doing so feel it. Feel it as wholly as we can, to move within it, as this is our evolutionary path this year. Allow the Moon’s fluidity to bring up all the emotions that come about, which may be many due to the fiery and exuberant nature of Aries. Allow the rage, the intensity, the passion to burst out of you, as a birthing process as we are all reborn with Spring.

Venus is close by, reminding us of the power of our Heart. Through love is where we will find the answers. With an open heart comes the surrender, which will only continue to help us in our path with Uranus in Taurus this year-expecting the unexpected and embracing change.

I won’t say much more, as this feels like a deeply personal and intimate journey for all of us. Allow yourself to see the mirror of You that is being reflected in everyone and everything surrounding you. See it and invite it into your being fully. Through is the only path here.

I leave you with an appropriate poem and a song to encompass this experience below.

Yet, human Spirit, bravely hold thy course,
Let virtue teach thee firmly to pursue
The gradual paths of an aspiring change:
For birth and life and death, and that strange state
Before the naked powers that thro’ the world
Wander like winds have found a human home,
All tend to perfect happiness, and urge
The restless wheels of being on their way,
Whose flashing spokes, instinct with infinite life,
Bicker and burn to gain their destined goa
For birth but wakes the universal mind
Whose mighty streams might else in silence flow
Thro’ the vast world, to individual sense
Of outward shows, whose unexperienced shape
New modes of passion to its frame may lend;
Life is its state of action, and the store
Of all events is aggregated there
That variegate the eternal universe;
Death is a gate of dreariness and gloom,
That leads to azure isles and beaming skies
And happy regions of eternal hope.
Therefore, O Spirit! fearlessly bear on:
Though storms may break the primrose on its stalk,
Though frosts may blight the freshness of its bloom,
Yet spring’s awakening breath will woo the earth,
To feed with kindliest dews its favourite flower,
That blooms in mossy banks and darksome glens,
Lighting the green wood with its sunny smile.

Percy Shelley, The Daemon of the World, lines 529-556

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