Venus in Rulership

Tomorrow Venus enters one of its two home signs, that being in Taurus (the other being Libra). The fiery energy of Venus zipping through Aries will now have a less spring-like approach as she settles in for a comfortable ride. To me it feels more like the ease and joy of your favourite day. Venus in Taurus is everything beautiful, blooming, comfortable, at ease. It is the coming into blossoming springtime that we see all around us here in the northern hemisphere. Venus in Taurus exalts aesthetically pleasing sights in true forms. A time for relishing in all the beauty of the natural world and the comforts of home.

Let’s recall some of what Taurus stands for, and that will be illuminated in matters of the heart with Venus’ arrival. Taurus is rooted, stable, secure. She wants to feel safe and supported above all else. Often seeking these qualities in material pleasures, which signifies an importance on personal finance. As money is so intermeshed with love, these will be playing off each other in themes during this dance. Remind yourself that as you work through limiting beliefs around one, clarity will also come in the other. To have abundance in one is to have abundance in the other. Flowing, surrendering and accepting. Once we enter Taurus season April 19 all of these themes will show themselves within your life. Right now, your heart will be shifting and reminding of all the things and people it needs to feel safe. Taurus is an earth sign, grounding us for presence within this realm.

Some questions to ask yourself as Venus moves through her home:

Do I feel safe within my financial world? If I don’t, how can I take tangible, actionable steps (earth) to ensure I can begin to?

Do I feel safe within my relationships? Where am I and am I not honouring what I need to feel safe and secure?

What is my heart telling me I need to let go of? What is it telling me I need to embrace? (lets not forget the influence of Uranus here!)

Allow the Venusian energy to appreciate your physical self, with the feminine aspects certainly being enhanced during this very sensual transit. Welcome to the reign of Taurus and the beginnings of much light!

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