And counting…

The ominous grey 
Dances across the sky
Warning of what’s to come 

Blanketing the world in her fury 
Sending everything not rooted down
Into the oblivion
Ever after 

There is no north wind 
Coming to save us 
And so the storm rages on 

Weeks turn into months 
Blackening the pavement 
Wet as the tear-stained cheeks 
Of many 

Shoulders curl
Backs hunched 
Eyes fall

It is already known
What tomorrow brings 
As the clouds loom 

As an Aquarius 
Here to restrict 

The noose tightens 
Around the necks of many 
Struggle for breath 
Air no longer 

Only in the last moment
A white light 
Is it shining here,
Or in the Heavens? 

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