The Plutonian Plan

Pluto has had a tumultuous past with western science recently. Having been demoted from a major planet to a dwarf, and to be honest I am unsure what the current status is, things haven’t been easy for Pluto. This is precisely what Plutonian energy encompasses. The dissolution of things. Energy converted.

Lets think about this from an astronomical perspective. Pluto is not visible with the naked eye, and still barely visible from the strongest of telescopes. With this comes a hidden, unseen energy. Much like our subconscious. Anything that is secretive and ultimately divinely powerful. The assignment of Pluto to Scorpio was not coincidence. Pluto is also a tiny planet, compared to our Earth. The term small but mighty applies here, as the classic underdog compared to some of the largest planets in our solar system. Pluto easily challenges and even surpasses the transformative power of its competitors.

The myth of Pluto, or the Greek name Hades, describes him as the ruler of the underworld. He encompassed one of the most powerful rulings, with his brothers Zeus or Jupiter ruling the sky and Poseidon or Neptune ruling the sea. So for all that astronomy doesn’t give credence to Pluto, the ancient Greeks and Romans certainly did. The cosmic waves that connect of all us to Pluto and its energy are a frequency of constant death/rebirth/evolution. We can thank Pluto for one of the most pivotal parts of the human experience; death. Without this very 3D concept, we would not, as physical human beings, be able to cultivate such an attachment and therefore appreciation for life. Other planetary energies are meant to teach us about the interconnectedness of us to Source, and our divine everlasting life. Pluto is not that energy.

So what is the role of Pluto right now? What does Pluto have to do with the current state of affairs? He received a lot of attention last year as he met three times with Saturn in Capricorn and transformed the state of the world forever. Now Saturn, Jupiter, and everyone else has moved along. Yet here we have Pluto, fulfilling a cosmic oath in Capricorn to us all. In 2020 Pluto went retrograde from late April until early October. It is difficult to see the true effect of what it catalyzed or paused for us all, as the energy was overshadowed by other strong planetary retrogrades in Capricorn, cue Saturn and Jupiter. However, we know that as Pluto went direct last fall, we began to see the onset of discomfort once again. Things that we thought were done and finished, were brought back into light. And ultimately the state of the world tightened as strong Aquarian energy was brought in.

So this year, with Pluto retrograde just slightly longer into mid October, we will be able to more clearly see the transformative effects. Pluto in Capricorn’s job is to help abolish the system. Capricorn represents a world we have collectively built and lived for many centuries, but is no longer serving the divine agenda of conscious evolution. We are meant to go so much further and galactic than what Capricorn can provide. This strong, paternal energy has given us government, authority, industry, and fiat currency. It has been based on the rooted foundations and practicality of earth energy. There are two methods at play here. When we think of a built structure, the only way to destroy it is to knock it down. It must topple, it must fall. And when we think of a way to destroy earth, we think of fire. It must not only be brought down, but burnt to the ground. This is precisely what Pluto has been effectively working on since it entered Capricorn in 2008, and will not be fully complete until 2024.

So what can we expect from this retrograde? Pluto will appear to be moving backwards from our vantage point here on Earth, if we could actually see it in our night sky. We know that retrograde energy brings about a pause for reflection or contemplation, as there is no forward movement occurring energetically. Technically speaking, Pluto is still moving forward in its orbital path around the Sun. But because we are Earth beings, and our vantage point is always here, we will be most affected by this perceptional energy. Having come about on the backs of the powerful Scorpio super moon, this sets us up for a time of contemplation and reflection on the themes that came up during the lunation. Personally speaking, think about what was at play for you on this full moon, and also where Scorpio lies in your chart. Wherever it lies is where you have likely already been seeing and feeling losses, as the structure of that area of your life continues to be transformed.

Collectively, Scorpio rules the 8th house, and considering the play of Pluto in Capricorn very much speaks to others finances. This can be seen to represent the state of the world’s economy. As we have already seen, many businesses have been affected by the restrictions that governments have been placing on them. We have also seen the economic effects globally as previous industries such as travel and entertainment start to collapse. This is all part of the Plutonian plan. We must have these distractions stripped away to tap into our inner knowing and allow the necessary divine evolution of our species. I do believe that during this retrograde we will see a lot of this momentum slow down, as we reevaluate what will be necessary for the new consciousness and what will not. It also allows us the necessary time to accept and grieve already occurring and incoming losses. So pay attention to the pause, and allow the powerful energy of Pluto to encompass you. For the sooner you accept its vibration, the stronger you will become in the story of your divine evolution.

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