Taurus New Moon: Stability in the shadows of uncertainty

Here we are. Already feeling and ruminating in the eclipse energy as the powerful season approaches. This last dark moon comes on the heels of massive change. It is a time to go inward and get clear on what is really there, beneath the depths of it all. The last full lunation brought up deep discomforts and truths that are now impossible to ignore.

Taurus, on an optimistic note, can help to bring grounding and purpose to this deeply transformative yet unsettling time. Lets not forgot that we are still in Taurus season, being reminded of all that is beautiful around us. However, Mercury and now Venus have shifted into Gemini and brings about the winds of change. A flurry of communication is now occurring and will only continue to ramp up as we enter Gemini season on the 20th and prepare for a cataclysmic eclipse cycle.

Looking at the chart for Vancouver, BC once again Taurus is situated in the 10th house of career and social standing. This house is also visualized at the top of the chart, the top of the sky. Looking upwards to the Heavens is where we can all find solace and guidance. The darkness of the moon will provide the ideal nightscape for viewing the stars and appreciating the vastness of space and ultimately the insignificance of all that we hold too tightly. A particular focus on abundance in relation to work is being transmitted with this placement. We also have Jupiter at the critical 29th degree, squeezing out the last of pouring energy into the restrictions of Aquarius before it moves into its home sign of Pisces and magnifies everything water.

An interesting, perhaps subtle, yet I believe powerful component to this new moon will be the square between Mars in Cancer and Chiron in Aries at 11 degrees. Uranus is also sitting at 11 degrees of Taurus, and I feel an explosive interaction between these energies. The fiery need of Mars to take action will be butting heads with the wounds Chiron presents in all of us. A focus in this chart on wounds around our beliefs and morals, our truth, in the 9th house challenged by unseen enemies and hidden energies of the 12th. With Chiron in a fire sign and Mars in water, I believe the wounding will prevail here in wanting to challenge the nature of doing that Mars provides. Uranus of course, will come in and bring about unexpected developments to keep us all on our toes, as it required in 2021.

Though there will be a 10 degree orb of difference between Uranus and this new moon, being within Taurus the unstable effects will still be felt. The subconscious wanting of safety and security will continue to be challenged to aid in the necessary evolution taking place. This is an ideal time to set intentions around the change you want to experience, as well as how you can navigate the unexpected ones to keep you feeling secure in your sense of being and surroundings.

For this breakdown I am introducing, I feel called to do so based on moon signs. Much of what we have been moving through has been very emotional. The moon metaphorically represents our emotional body, our feelings, our intuition, all things felt. Not to mention the added focus on lunation, being a new moon. Below you will find particular focus for you based on your moon sign.

Aries moon: A strong focus on Chiron with is transiting your moon sign. Expect to be faced with feelings that are brought about by the reality of Chiron within your natal placement as well as in Aries. Your wounds will be front and center for this lunation, calling on you to set intentions around how you see them within yourself. Aries represents the 1st house of self and this is where the wounds will reflect back to you, in a mirror. Use the fire you’ve got to take charge of your own personal responsibility to heal.

Taurus moon:
Powerful stuff. Uranus has been wrecking havoc in the deep-seeded need you have to feel emotionally safe and secure at all times. This new moon will bring about a particular focus on the dynamics that have been playing out since May 2018. What have you learned thus far and how can you do things differently to help ease the anxiety of it all? Allow the uncertainty to bring about the abundance you desire by cultivating a deep trust in Source to manifest it.

Gemini moon:
This new moon comes just before a powerful eclipse season for you. With Mercury and Venus close to your moon, emotions will be heightened in matters of the heart. Allow yourself to communicate freely and express the desires you have for stability and what that looks like for you. When you get too caught up in your head, let the grounding energy of Taurus bring you back down to Earth.

Cancer moon:
Mars has brought a particular energy to your emotions since it entered Cancer. You will be feeling a renewed energy to take part in lunation intentions and ceremonies. Allow you to use this extra focus to tune into the emotions you are so good at recognizing. Remember that your own security and safety is paramount, since you are so quick to nurture and take care of others.

Leo moon:
You are familiar with the fixed energy that Taurus has, the resistance to change. Though you tend to get much more fired up about it all, you connect to the mutual stubbornness both of these moons bring up. This new moon will show you where you are being too attached to yourself and the idea you see in the mirror. Allow that Uranian energy to work its magic on you. Do whatever you need to do to get your emotions out in a healthy way. Remember that you can give yourself all of the attention you need, but that it is also okay to be seen and heard. Creative endeavours may be begging to be expressed through this intention setting time.

Virgo moon:
As a fellow Earth sign, you feel comfortable in this energy. However, you also experience a lot of anxiety around Uranus’ energy this year. Take this time to tune into whatever the Taurus archetype wants to teach you within your chart, and bring it into your emotional body. Listen with your heart, instead of your ever practical mind. If making a to do list of how you are going to go about making your intentions a reality feels securing to you, follow your intuition. Don’t be afraid to express how you feel and remember that you are doing the absolute best you can, have compassion for yourself.

Libra moon:
Though not directly in your sign, Chiron is opposite you and creates a subconscious pulling energy during this time. Where are you feeling pulled to either look at, or stay away from your wounds? You are always striving to create emotional balance, as that you where you feel the most stable. This new moon is the perfect time to set about intentions around how you can continue growing this. Your greatest strength and weakness is your ability to feel not only your side of things, but anothers. Bring yourself back down with the grounding energy of Taurus and be practical in how you can balance self with other.

Scorpio moon:
Phew, after the last powerful release on the full lunation in your sign, we come to the other side. All that is less seen and felt is coming up for you here. Taurus is the energy you are the most like, yet the one often rejected. It is your shadow when the Sun shines its light on you. What do you not want to look at that is begging to be? In an effort to protect yourself, you tend to keep your emotions secret, fearing they are too big and intense to be handled by others. This is a beautiful time to look deeper into this and how you can cultivate the safety and stability you greatly desire without sacrificing yourself, especially when it comes to sex and money. Whatever intentions set here will set the scene for the upcoming shift of the nodes into Taurus/Scorpio in 2022.

Sagittarius moon:
Big emotional changes have been afoot since December for you. The freedom and truth you so deeply desire, the very essence of you, the core of your being stands to be challenged through the current restriction of the changing world. Allow this new moon to set intentions around getting clear on what is within your power at the moment. How can you be free within your own reality? How can stability, which is normally uncomfortable, feel comfortable for you now? This is a time to put into action financial freedom that will allow you to roam free once again, especially emotionally. We can all get dragged down by money and debt. Use this time to honour your truth in a new and unique way. Channel your passion into areas less focused, but that honour your ultimate self.

Capricorn moon:
After the emotional ride of 2020, you haven’t had much of a breather in other aspects. This new moon can bring about a familiar energy of Earth for you. Allow yourself to honour how far you have come, and all that you have survived in the last year. Emotionally you are very resilient, but don’t forget to nurture the parts of you that suffer too. Creating a structure around how you want to navigate all the changes happening for you and all the breakdowns that have occurred will help you navigate the rest of 2021 with greater ease and certainty.

Aquarius moon:
Saturn is providing deep lessons for you at the moment. The state of the world has been having a direct emotional effect on you. As someone who generally will not express openly, you may find the emotions overflowing and difficult to navigate. Get out of your head and about overthinking how you might be able to process your emotions to calm down. Use the Taurus energy to your advantage and ground. Your brilliant mind can sometimes overshadow how powerful your emotions can also be. How can you work with the restriction you feel to create a more stable emotional environment within you?

Pisces moon:
You can feel the toes of Jupiter beginning to dip in and amplify the emotions you are so beautifully in tune with. As a sensitive being, the overwhelm of the last year is very real. Delusions and fantasy tend to occupy your thoughts as the strong hold of Neptune has had a powerful effect. This is the cusp of a transformative time and focus on your emotions. Let yourself be held by the nurturing Earth of Taurus during this new moon. Set intentions around where you can better align yourself and stay grounded when you want to escape.

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