Eclipse season postpartum

Hot damn. The last month has been an astrological whirlwind! I don’t have much to say, and so I will simply say it in the form of a poem I wrote to someone. Encompassing so much of what I’ve been moving through and the lessons this eclipse season has taught me; continues to teach me.

A poem

I wanted to write you a poem
Special musings
Reminders of feelings
Don’t we all?
Feel, that is

Excessive thoughts
Flooding my brain
Like the tide
Bringing me back

To Belcarra, this cabin, this you
Before during after within it all

One last hug
And I crumble

All the love
Always there, never gone
Still growing
Forever building

Pouring out of me, into you
Out of you, into me
Where I end and where you begin
Is but a fictional reality

Waves like those we ride
Surfing till days end
Maddening as the world
Yet less so in dual presence

Three dimensional nonsense
So many senses
Together we make sense
Of everything and nothing

With you
I can be me
In this reality

Don’t you see?
All the freedom you desire
Is mine to give
To liberate you, remember?

Exploratory explorations
Logically illogical
Forever fantastical
Striving ever wandering

Through these realms
I’ll go my own
Though I’d much rather
Vision with you

So here we end
And here we begin
Portals of light
Beaming through

On our faces
Moments of joy
That vibrational pinnacle
We all strive to achieve

This is where
I’ll always be
So just look to the Sun
And you’ll find me

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