Most of me doesn’t quite know how or where to begin, on the heels of Scorpio season, we are all not recovering but moreso beginning. So I will simply begin, with no plan or idea on what I will write or how it will go. This past Scorpio season is more important than others have been, as it is setting the tone for the next two years. What has come up? What has changed? What has moved out or into your consciousness? Pay attention, as these themes will be the tone of your life over the next few years.

Pluto plays a pivotal role in all of this, especially as his time in Capricorn comes to an end. The structures you’ve built in your life, and communally as a society will continue to collapse. It is important to surrender and embrace this, rather than fight. The more we allow the trust, the easier the flow will come. And Scorpio flow isn’t like other flows, no, certainly not. The waters of Scorpio are so deep, expansive, and dark, we could never see the bottom. Prepare for a tsunami of epic proportions to come in and sweep away all of your current consciousness. If you let it, what will remain after, and grow anew, is so beautiful you yourself cannot yet fathom it.

Being in the depths of the death process myself, I currently cannot either. I am simply on the floor, like the rest of us, crying in the fetal position. Wishing for sunnier days and less storms. I try to remember, and trust Scorpio, trust Pluto to guide to me. I want to learn to embrace the tsunami, and the next one, and the next. As we shift into this way of being, we can all move towards the infinite abundance and beauty of Taurus. And thats where I look to, as we all must, because even the darkest of days will eventually contain light.

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