Cosmic Reporting: November 29-December 5

Welcome to my newly launched weekly cosmic reporting. My intention moving into this next phase is to start sharing more on my thoughts around the cosmos, and building this platform to do so. For me it has a lot to do with the experiences coming at me in Taurus-Scorpio, but also my 10th house Aquarius calling me to this work. I hope you all will resonate with this and follow along in this journey, if you feel so inclined to further support my work, please share with anyone you feel may benefit 🙂

This week we have A LOT going on! Consider it the warm-up for our new paradigm. We are shifting, we have been shifting. Now things are going to get real. We’ve spent lots of time breaking down and letting go of much in our lives; we are ready for the next phase. This next phase is going to include more changes, evolutions, and transitions than we ever thought possible for us to handle. Yet we will, as we always do. So reminding yourself of that wisdom is crucial to surrendering to this powerful process.

November 29/30: Vesta conjunct the Sun
This beautiful asteroid goddess that represents the sexual desire within us all is illuminated within the fiery passions of Sagittarius. This conjunction occurs at 7 degrees. Remember that wherever you have Vesta in your chart is where you are meant to look at and acknowledge your own sensual, sexual nature. Where in this area of your life can you be more open, more vulnerable, more connected to your sexual energy? Let this be seen.

December 1: Neptune goes direct
The planet ruled by Pisces, a powerfully connected, sensitive and intuitive water sign is moving forward again at 20 degrees of Pisces. Neptune can often cause fogginess, disillusionment, and confusion due to its detachment from this physical plane. Neptunian energy allows us to connect to worlds beyond this one, also allowing us to get lost there in the process. Since June 25th we have been able to take a pause on this journey to reflect in all the ways we allowed ourselves to get lost. We have had time to recognize where we need to own up and come back to this world, instead of hiding. Now is that time. Allow yourself to be realistic in all the areas of your life it feels scary to do so. Surrender into the realities of life in this human form.

December 3/4: New Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 12 degrees Sagittarius
Here we are! At the end of our Gemini-Sagittarius journey. Since June 2020, we have been evolving the areas of our life that have to do with our truth, our learning, and our conversations. This is the grande finale, asking to fully surrender to our truth that has evolved and grown within the last few years. Think back to June 2020 and ask yourself where these themes started for you in your life. How have they changed with all the eclipse cycles we have now been through? What is left to leave behind as we move into 2022? Now is the time to get honest with yourself, and to let go. It is time to close this door.

Overall, December brings A LOT of cosmic energy and change as we exit 2021. Allow the lessons you have been challenged into this year to carry you with grace into 2022. I leave you with some musical goodness. If you are interested in booking a reading with me or exploring other services I offer, do visit the Astrology section of my site. I will see you all next week 🙂

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