Cosmic Reporting: December 6-12

This week we have one major transit on the heels of recovering from the powerful solar eclipse of Sagittarius. We are here in the darkness from the moon, with Pluto inviting us into it further. Be gentle with yourself, but most importantly, lean into the discomfort.

December 11: Venus conjunct Pluto 
Occurring at 25 degrees of Capricorn, this will be a long dance between the planet of love and that of death/rebirth. With us moving into the Scorpio energy in a big way in 2022, the profound and important movement of Venus this year is now highlighted by Pluto. Pluto is asking Venus to transform her relationships around matters of the heart. What structures are you keeping in your life that aren’t in alignment, or aren’t working? Look to where you have Capricorn in your chart, and feel the changes you have witnessed since Venus began the year in this sign. What is coming to completion, that Pluto is asking you to let die here? Allow this profound reimagining to occur. 

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