Venus retrograde through the signs

I wanted to provide some more context for this upcoming Venus retrograde from December 19-January 29. This retrograde is not only significant because Venus has made a full transit of the zodiac, beginning and ending in Capricorn, but also because of her dance with Pluto. This retrograde allows a collective reflection of your romantic relationships, whether past or present. It will be a time to delve into this, and hear your true heart’s desires. With the addition of Pluto here, we will be pushed to move forward anew. Allowing old patterns, ideas, thoughts, feelings, to die so that we can continue to be in alignment with our heart. There are three official Venus Pluto conjunctions, where this theme of death within relationship will be particularly highlighted:

December 11
December 25
March 3

Though Venus goes direct on January 29th at 11 degrees of Capricorn, it won’t move out of the shadow period and fully out of Capricorn until March 6th. This is why she makes one last pass at Pluto at the beginning of March. I hope you enjoy my video and explanation around this Venus retrograde and how it will look like specifically for you.

If you aren’t aware of your rising sign, I encourage you to visit and enter your birth information, along with your birth time. If you don’t know your birth time, best to simply use 12pm. You may be able to tap into this retrograde, to see where this theme shows up most in your relationship, to then further pinpoint what your rising sign, or ascendant, may be. Happy heart navigation!!

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