Cosmic Reporting: December 13-19

December 18/19: Gemini Full Moon at 27 degrees + Sun on Galactic Center
This is a powerful day leading up to the solstice, as well as Christmas holidays. After concluding this eclipse cycle in Gemini-Sag, this full moon provides you the opportunity to continue the release process started a few weeks ago. Is there anything you are still holding onto or having trouble letting go of? Now you are fully supported emotionally by this moon to allow and surrender your grief around this loss. The opposition with the Galactic Center brings very powerful cosmic energy into this space, allowing connection with other begins in our solar system. Draw on their support to help ease this process of up-levelling. 

December 19th: Venus goes retrograde, Chiron goes direct
Here we go! The most powerful retrograde of the year begins as we are coming to a close. At 26 degrees Capricorn we begin to go inward. All that we have learned this year, and let go of with the help of Pluto, is now coming to a new journey. Wherever this has come up in your life, and wherever you were in January 2020, is meant to be looked at. Take time now to pause on any of the pressures you have felt in the last 12 months. We have until the end of January to take this journey, so use it well. At the same time, Chiron, the wounded healer within all of us, stations direct. All the inner wounding we carry from childhood is now meant to continue on its journey through Aries. Wherever this shows up in your chart, allow whatever feelings and emotions come up here to flow and move forward with the tenacity that Aries brings. 

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