Coming back to unity: Full Moon in Gemini

This weekend we have the full moon at 27 degrees of Gemini. The journey we have been on with the nodes from Sagittarius to Gemini is coming to a close in just a matter of weeks. With this journey, we have seen the power struggle around being right, and who has the facts. The turning point of this, and where we have been moving towards these last few months, is that it doesn’t really matter anymore. All of us have found our truth, and our facts throughout this process. Now we are meant to take our authentic truth with us, and stick with it into the next journey through Scorpio to Taurus.

Perhaps this is a time to ponder where your final truth is during this stage? How have your ideas, beliefs and truths evolved since May 2020? Where do you sit now? Thinking about everything you have been through in this process, all the losses and gains, all the discussions and perhaps arguments. This is a beautiful time to bring in the release process full moons provide. All of the hardships, turmoil, sadness around people you may have lost or conversations that may have hurt you can be released here and now. It is important when entering Scorpio territory that you do so with your full, vulnerable self. Letting old emotions and ideas fester will only bring about further turmoil down the road. So let go. Release so that you can embrace joy through the holiday season.

This is no longer about who is right or wrong. We must now come together once again as human beings, one and the same. Remember why we are here, remember what this is all about, before the great change began.

Below is a chart of the full moon, set for Tofino, BC, Canada with the time of exact full lunation at 20:36 PST or 05:36 Greenwich Time December 19th. The Leo rising of this chart signifies the deep authenticity and heart-led approach that the Universe is asking us to approach this with. Only with our hearts can we bring back a sense of unity, while maintaining our own truths.

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