Cosmic Reporting: December 20-26

December 21: Solstice
In the northern hemisphere, we are experiencing the winter solstice and the return to the light. For those in the southern hemisphere, the celebration of ultimate light. What feels to me like a true beginning of a new year, allow yourself to either cocoon into the darkest day, or expand into the brightest and longest. We also begin Capricorn season here, celebrating the divine Father and structures around us that keep us safe, secure and growing. 

December 24/25: Saturn Square Uranus 
Upon the western holiday of Christmas, we come to the final culmination of 2021, the third and final Saturn Uranus conjunction at 11 degrees. From the previous occurring in February and June, the constant struggle we have been through for stability and what we hold on to is brought to a final crescendo. Uranus has been challenging the stability Saturn can bring to evolve in new and innovative ways around sovereignty, freedom, and societal structure. What is coming back up in your life that was present in February and June? What is begging to be looked at or changed? Allow the energy of Uranus to let go of everything and move forward. The fixed energy of these signs makes its increasingly difficult to accept change and let go. However this is what this square has been teaching us this year, specifically in whatever areas of your chart Taurus and Aquarius fall into. 

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