Day of Kronos

Today around the world, cultures of people are celebrating the solstice in various forms. For in the northern hemisphere, we experience the ultimate darkness, a Scorpionic embrace of all we cannot see but just feel. In the southern hemisphere, full illumination and Taurus abundance is clear. I speak in terms of these polarities appropriately as we begin to enter the Scorpio-Taurus journey in 2022. I speak of Kronos, known by Greek terms as the God of Time. By the Romans, we know him today mainly as Saturn.

Not only do we bring in this prominent day of the year with either light or dark, but with that the positioning of the Sun relative to Earth within the solar system changes. We now see our Sun body aligning within the 30 degree window that we associate to the zodiac of Capricorn, whom is ruled by Saturn/Kronos. A further emphasis on time begins. This planet, myth and archetype symbolize all the systems and structures we see. We begin to focus on building, whether creatively or otherwise, for the next 4 weeks.

Because Saturn also rules the skies paternally, it asks us for maturity. This is why the quintessential Saturn return between age 28-30 is so pivotal in our coming of age into full adulthood. How are we all in our own ways being childish at this time of year? A time when so many triggers can come about with family…sending us back to the childhood traumas and memories we so often try to forget. This is our season to prove not to those around us, but within us, how we can do it differently. How we can have command over our physical body, our lower chakras, to bring forth authenticity.

So allow yourself to sit in all of the darkness, or all of the light. See what shines through, whether by seeing or feeling. Whether we like it or not, time rules us all on this Earth-plane existence. Only we can build what we most desire. The best time to start? Now.

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