Cosmic Reporting: December 27-January 2

December 28/29: Jupiter into Pisces
We had a taste of Jupiter in Pisces earlier this year, from April-July. So whatever was present and expanding during that time for you in your life will likely come back into focus. Allow this beautiful energy of Jupiter in its ancient sign of rulership to flood fully into your life. This energy can provide a reprieve from the tension created with Saturn, Uranus and Pluto this month. Allow any celebrations or feelings of joy and expansion that come up for you. A powerful way to begin the ending of the Gregorian calendar year.

January 2: Mercury enters Aquarius, New Moon 12 degrees Capricorn
Here we have the sign of communication entering Aquarius, where it will yet again go retrograde later on. We have only had Mercury retrogrades in air signs for the last 12 months, so similar themes may begin to resurface from 2021. Our New Moon right at the beginning of 2022 feels like a potent time to set intentions for the year ahead. Do it in true Capricorn style, with lists, goals and organization.

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