2022: Into The Depths

We begin this Gregorian new year on the depths of delusions, pre-tenses of a foreseeable end to the current state of affairs. This is thanks to Jupiter entering Pisces, playing out similar themes as it did from May-July 2021 where we saw a loosening of restrictions and a “life back to normal” ruse. We then saw things go much the other direction once Jupiter moved backwards into Aquarius, amplifying Saturn’s restrictional powers.

However light and optimistic the beginning of the year may seem, the nodal shift 2/3 of the way through January will bring us all into a new reality. This journey from Scorpio to Taurus will be our biggest one yet. This in itself will be 2022, amplified by Venus’ current retrograde evolutionary journey at the beginning of 2022. Pluto to Venus is where we will journey for the next year and a half, and here entering 2022 we find Pluto together with Venus.

Out of awareness and not despair or gloom I present these facts and messages for 2022. We will all be asked to go to the deepest depths of our souls. It may be beautiful, it may be tragic, it may be both. Ultimately the more openly and willingly we can go here with ourselves and each other, the more abundance and protection we will have.

There will be a continued energetic squaring of Saturn and Uranus, meaning the physical plane will still be challenged to upgrade from kundalini energy. The sooner we allow the kundalini to flow within and through us, the sooner we will transform our physical plane.

As Jupiter moves into Aries later in the year, we see a shifting and a rebirth. We have had much of the larger planets in winter signs for the last several years. Jupiter into Aries begins anew, and a collective shift will begin. As these planets disperse through the zodiac, so will our reality. Pay attention to even the most subtle shifts this coming year, and embrace what is now being brought in. The first sunlight after the storm.

We end 2022 with the complete journey of the heart, Venus, reminding us where we were at this time now. Always with the help of Pluto. Even now, through this journey, strong Piscean energy will be tapping us into the ethers. Whether you choose to believe it or not is your prerogative. It will either enlighten or distort your year. The path is you.

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