New Moon in Capricorn: The Year Ahead

It is a beautiful opportunity to have a new moon right as we enter a new Gregorian year. In Capricorn nonetheless, a sign that symbolizes creating, building, goal-setting. We have so much going on this month, so it is an opportune time to slow down for a moment and create some structure on our approach. This new moon occurs at 12 degrees, nearly squaring Chiron in Aries, and nearly trining Uranus in Taurus. So much transformational energy is being brought in. The square with Aries shows tension around wounding that will be coming up, but at the same time support from evolving and feeling secure in being able to do so with Taurus.

The energies of today and this month are continuing to prepare us, most importantly for our Scorpio to Taurus journey. Allow yourself to be immersed in the darkness of this moon; it is the only way to see the enlightenment of what lies in the night sky, our vast Universe.

Aries moon: Though it may feel tough today, allow yourself to communicate what you really need. This moon may bring about old wounds around siblings. It is important to allow the deepening of these feelings, crying, rage, whatever needs to come up. Do not be afraid of your voice today, whatever it may be wanting to say. Honour your throat chakra, and allow her to blossom fully.

Taurus moon: This moon brings about beautiful opportunities to move forward anew in the realm of home and family. In what ways have you been constantly challenged by Uranus, and where can you let go? Allow yourself to release all the ways you disrespect yourself just to make others feel at ease. This is now about you.

Gemini moon: With the north node completing her final journey here, you are also completing an emotional one. Moving into this next phase, what are you wanting to birth? What are you wanting to create? Can you start to make that happen now? Use this time wisely to focus on your creative endeavours.

Cancer moon: With this new moon in opposition to yours, there is so much energy here for you around mundane life and its relationship to your health. What ways have you modified how you treat your body, and how can you continue that moving forward? What feels most nurturing for your body that you can implement now?

Leo moon: There is a focus on relationships for you with this moon. It will feel deeply personal and emotional. Use that big, beautiful heart of yours to tap into where you can continue to grow the relationships in your life. How can you be more authentic?

Virgo moon: Profoundly deep you will go. This is about power, and where it currently lies for you. Where have you been allowing others to have too much control in your life, money or otherwise? What feels right in your body with money? Money is directly connected to our sexual energy, so expect this to be a connecting theme. Are these themes allowing you securities, but foregoing your true desires?

Libra moon: What are you wanting to learn this year? Perhaps you are feeling the call to travel, if so, where are the adventures taking you? Is it on the physical or spiritual plane? Whatever or wherever it is, ensure that it is aligned with your deeper truths.

Scorpio moon: Are you where you want to be in work? Is your job providing you ultimate fulfillment, on a deep, soul level? This is a time to reassess and regroup, creating an action plan on getting to where you want to be. Only you are in control of your own life. Accessing your treasure trove of emotional capacity is key to forward movement.

Sagittarius moon: Thinking about where you are within this world, within the human race will be important. Are you serving in the ways that feel most attuned to you? You are one of the spiritual teachers, meant to share emotionally with others to help in collective expansion. It is pivotal you allow yourself to step into this role. The first step is setting such an intention, and using the maturity of Capricorn as follow-through.

Capricorn moon: A powerful moon in your home sign. This will be emotionally potent, not only on a physical level but also on an ethereal. Your psychic abilities will be heightened during this time, so tap in and listen to what is being provided to you. This is an important time to gain cosmic insight into the deeper purpose of what you are meant to build emotionally.

Aquarius moon: This moon is all about you. Where are you continuing to grow and change? Take a good look in the mirror and marvel at the evolutionary journey you have been on. Who do you want to be moving forward?

Pisces moon: During this time, it is important to create a plan you can follow through on. Sometimes a difficult task for the dreamer in you, it is time to get practical. Use the grounding energy of Earth to help you cultivate visions that can be completed on the physical plane. Managing and assessing your relationship with money is a very useful task at this time. The more you do so, the better you will feel.

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