January 2022: Deep dive

I’ll be honest, I have been spending this first week of January integrating all of the energies we have had the last few weeks, and feeling all of the energy coming this month. The Venus retrograde has sent me into deep depths of pain, healing, and evolution. Below I simply list the transits happening this month, and will sum up the energies of what these movements mean:

January 1: Sun Capricorn trine Uranus Taurus 10 degrees
January 2: New moon Capricorn 12 degrees
January 8: Sun conjunct Venus Capricorn 18 degrees
January 11: Mars Sagittarius square Neptune Pisces 20 degrees
January 14: Mercury retrograde Aquarius 10 degrees
January 16: Sun conjunct Pluto Capricorn 26 degrees
January 17: Cancer full moon 27 degrees
January 18: Nodal shift into Taurus/Scorpio and Uranus direct Taurus 10 degrees
January 20: Sun into Aquarius
January 29: Venus direct Capricorn 11 degrees Sun Aquarius square Uranus Taurus 10 degrees

Overall, one can see there is a lot going on!! Not only do we have the continuation and eventual end of Venus’ retrograde journey, but we also start Mercury’s. Exploring new and unique ways to move forward this year will be the theme as we allow the death of what cannot still continue to be. Capricorn is the major player here, with both planets moving backwards in this sign and revisiting all the structures in the areas of your life related to love and communication.

The direct motion of Uranus, bringing in a stronger force of chaos for change will only be heightened by the movement of the lunar north node into Taurus…where they will eventually meet later in the year. This energy of Taurus and Scorpio, of fixed energy, will be brought powerfully into the consciousness for the next 18 months. This is really the most important piece of January, not so coincidentally involving their ruling planets of Venus and Pluto.

I cannot stress enough the importance of diving deep into these two planets within your chart, especially since December 19 and up until January 29. However this is only the beginning of such journey, as we will continue to dive deeper and deeper into these planetary energies during the nodal transit. Focusing on where Venus is in your chart and what she is trying to teach you is key. Tune into how she feels to you, and what is most important to your heart, your authenticity, to feel empowered, safe, secure. How does being in tune with these themes empower you to thrive in this world? Regarding Pluto, his placement is also crucial to see in which area you need to allow complete death and rebirth so that Venus’ energy can fully come through.

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