Mercury retrograde: January 2022

Here we are! Into another Mercury retrograde, beginning January 14th and lasting until February 4th. In this video I chat about what exactly retrograde motion is, as well as the overall themes for this retrograde journey. These themes will in many ways be very similar to our Mercury retrograde in Aquarius last February in 2021.

Mercury retrograde themes through the rising signs:

Aries: communication over the internet and in virtual settings; relating to greater purpose in the collective and work

Taurus: career and education; inner truth and soul’s expression

Gemini: morals and truth as it relates to power struggles

Cancer: other’s money and relationships

Leo: communication in relationships and everyday life

Virgo: our everyday life and communication with children

Libra: Children and family in the home

Scorpio: Communication with our family members and our neighbours

Sagittarius: Siblings and money

Capricorn: Money and sense of self

Aquarius: Sense of self and communicating with the ethereal world

Pisces: Bridging realities to the greater collective

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