February 2022: Lean in or fall out

Its taken me eight days to get into the astrology of February, mostly because I am still recovering from January! The shifts and transformations that began last month only continue in this Aquarius season. The first week of February was filled with lots of movement from the inner planets, as we now have everything direct after Mercury’s station on the 4th. Things are moving and shaking!

Mars makes some important squares and trines this month to the Pisces and Taurus energy as he moves through Capricorn, allowing us the energy to get a move on with all that needs to shift. With this being Aquarius season, we also can’t forget the ever-present Saturnian and Uranian show-off. This energy will continue to be present throughout this year, and help to continually, uncomfortably transform the areas of your life where Aquarius and Taurus sit. The Sun will play an important highlight to this earlier in the month, and mid-month will square the newly placed Taurus-Scorpio lunar nodes.

The clearing process that begun in January for the areas of Taurus and Scorpio will continue. If you weren’t aware already of how this is affecting you, by the time the Sun squares and illuminates these areas, you certainly will. Use the Leo full moon to lean into your authenticity and heart, to allow the process to begin.

One of the most important and pivotal aspects of this month are the Venus-Mars conjunctions. It is uncommon for these planets to meet multiple times so close together. One before and one during Pisces season, emphasizes the great union of masculine and feminine. Tying into the themes from her recent retrograde, Venus’ meeting with Mars will highlight and symbolize this sacred and powerful union. How are the unions in your life? Are they meeting you fully and in alignment? Are you meeting yourself fully in your divine masculine and feminine? These questions will demand answers with these conjunctions.

  • Feb1: Aquarius new moon 12 degrees, Juno enters Aquarius
  • Feb3: Mercury goes direct, Mars sextile Jupiter
  • Feb4: Sun conjunct Saturn 15 degrees
  • Feb6: Mars square Chiron
  • Feb9: Ceres enters Gemini
  • Feb14: Pallas Athena enters Aries
  • Feb15: Sun square the nodes
  • Feb16: Leo full moon 27 degrees, Venus conjunct Mars 16 Cap*
  • Feb19: Pisces season
  • Feb24: Mercury square Uranus
  • Feb28: Venus conjunct Mars 25 Cap*
I leave you with the chart for the beginning and the end of this month, so you can see and feel into the energy shifts. Remember to feel into it all, before you simply analyze. Pisces from Aquarius.

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