The Two Lovers Meet: Mars Venus Conjunction

Today we have the two great personal planets meeting at 16 degrees of Capricorn. Venus, the great feminine and Mars, the great masculine. With these energies we have already seen some volatile happenings worldwide, with surrender vs. action coming to a head in many facets. From the tensions in Ukraine, to the state of Canada, to the doping scandal at the Olympics…there has been no shortage of polarities on how to feel and what to do about it.

Though Capricorn often feels like a masculine energy with a Saturn rulership, it is actually a feminine sign. So perhaps take this opportunity to embody what it is that you truly feel, rather than taking action on whatever situations arise for you here. This is a great union that cannot be separated by time, space, or situation. Remember this today as a key component of allowing all parts to be seen, heard and felt. Allow yourself the experience that may seem to be forbidden, just as the love between Mars and Venus once was.

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