Uranus: God of Sky

Uranus was discovered 242 years ago yesterday, as the Sun and Neptune met up in the geocentric perspective of the astrological sky. Uranus is a special planet, that brings about chaos and change. He is meant to bring us out of our comfort zone, just as we often feel when we look to the skies-reminding us that we are ever so small and insignificant to the vast Universe. Uranus has been duking it out the last year with Saturn, who brings about responsibility, restriction and structure. These themes have been playing out collectively and personally. I have noticed personally that Uranus has been have a potent effect on the angular houses (1, 4, 7, 10) in the areas of our home/comforts. The best way to work with Uranus in your chart, especially if you are under the age of 42 (Uranus opposition), is to do what you would do if you could be in the skies (as Uranus is the God of the sky): FLY! Fly free, allow the abs and flows and that feeling of weightlessness and pure bliss of such unbounded experiencing to overtake you. And remember, change is mostly difficult when we resist it.

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