taurus meetup: lessons in discomfort

It begins on July 31…

Uranus the North Node and Mars will meet at 18 degrees, beginning at 16:31 CST until August 2 at 05:31 CST. What does this all mean?! Let’s start with the planetary breakdowns of each player at this table. 

1. North Node: not a planet but an imaginary point in space relating to where the moons orbit crosses the earths, it represents the path we walk and the ways in which we walk it as we move forward evolving and growing in this life. It is the emphasis on all of the ways we feel uncomfortable but must move into to reach our full potential.

2. Uranus: an outer planet, that has been in Taurus since May 2018. He brings about radical and unexpected change. More aptly referred to as Prometheus, god of forethought, crafty counsel, the trickster. Uranus brings kundalini energy that helps us to transcend and transform in powerful alchemical ways. 

3. Mars: the god of war, need I say more? His masculine energy brings fuel behind any fire, and encourages action above all else. 

So with all of these meeting up in the sign or Taurus, symbolizing and ruling money, finances, material comforts and ways in which we feel safe-you can bet it feels pretty intense and uncomfortable! The Mars action will bring fuel to the energy of Uranus wanting to switch things up. This is all along the guidance of the cosmic path for what is needed to appease the necessary spiritual growth and evolution for yourself personally and all of us collectively at this time. 

Depending on which house you have Taurus in, I’d like to provide some encouraging affirmations, sort of a Louise Hay vibe, as well as a helpful rock. It has occurred to me as a geologist that we do often seek the specific minerals, when they are so readily found in many rocks around us. 

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