Leo new moon: Canada’s reckoning continues


6 months post Freedom Convoy: what we know, what we’ve seen, and what’s to come

We are almost 6 months past the enacting of Marshall Law and the momentous and historic Freedom Convoy. Why is this important? The Freedom Convoy occurred during Aquarius season in January/February. Now we are in Leo season, the opposite sign. What began during Aquarius season as massive sovereignty and personal freedom expressions is coming to a partial completion with the upcoming new and full moons of Leo season. In fact, Marshall Law was enacted right at the Leo full moon in mid February. Coincidence? Hardly.

Full moons are a time of letting go, releasing. That Leo full moon happened for Canada in the 11th house, representing the collective group (ruled by Aquarius). That full moon was a massive release for Canada around their collective identity because it was NOT in authenticity. There is more at play, but thats for another post 🙂

The half cycle completion with the new moon in Leo is tomorrow. Why is this important? The past 6 months have seen Canadians radically transform around their sovereignty, authenticity, and TRUTH. We have seen the harsh reality exposed more and more, from everyday Canadian’s lives to the international scale on how the world sees Canada. Leo is the energy of a lion, whether it wants to or not it WILL demand to be seen. It must be seen, and its energy is a magnet to others. All eyes are on Canada, have been since February, and will continue to be through to 2023.

New moons are a time for setting intentions. So with the last 6 months behind us, where is there still work to be done? How can we, as Canadians, continue to transform our country and reclaim our freedoms? How can we do this through the path of Leo, the path of love? How can we take the Aquarius restrictions we have experienced by our systems of government, and reframe them into our utmost expressions of being FREE?

This is our task as Canadians and for Canada as a whole over the next 6 months. The amount we can do this will determine what kind of country we will have going into next year. The full completion won’t happen until the next Leo full moon in the winter of 2023. As any Leo would say, go big or go home. Wear your heart on your sleeve AND stand firm in your boundaries. Happy new moon!!

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