my saturnian lesson, encapsulated


Full moon release

I feel so called to share this right now, because I am really understanding the full circle process. It is so crystal clear to me, finally. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end of my journey with Saturn. Finally the light is revealing itself again. I spent the last week of 2022 in heaviness. In the suffering throes of his darkness. As the new year entered, it finally clicked. All of my struggle and exhaustion I felt was so deeply mirroring the same experience I had 5 months ago.

And I started to ask myself, how is this any different? The answer, it wasn’t. 
So I started to lean in, and make moves. I have spent the last few days making radical shifts I never thought I would ever make again. Doing things I never thought I would do. 

Yet here I am.

Whats even crazier about this is the astrology…

This journey began at the tropic of Cancer…on the summer solstice in 2019. When Saturn had entered his first sign of domicile.  A massive ah-ha moment of something I didn’t want to be anymore that had my entire being centered around it. I went into an existential crisis about what I was going to do with my life if that wasn’t it. And since then, I have actively avoided doing said thing. Said thing being geology. But even that year of 2020, when I walked away from a long term opportunity and all the “right things” to dive head first into a massive season of treeplanting and who knows what the heck else because I had a mountain of debt to climb and conquer, it still creeped in. I held off. And in 2021 in creeped in harder, so I gave in. And for the last 2 years, when Saturn entered its second sign of domicile…I returned. Reluctantly, half heartedly; pushing and screaming in many ways. Yet there it was. Even as the world closed in around me, with mandates and restrictions, it was in my lap once again. Nothing would apparently stop geology in its relentless pursuit as a critical area of my life. 

This fall I launched myself fully into astrology. I said no more to geology. No way. I stopped calling myself a geologist, I denied that part of my existence the best I could. Finally the realities weighed me down so heavy I was forced to acknowledge them. And now, on this Cancer full moon, nearly exactly 3.5 years and two zodiacal reigns of Saturn complete, the circle is full. Everything has returned, now complete. 

So back I go, with full vigour, into this life I thought was no longer mine. Right now, it is meant to be here. Everything has been aligning so effortlessly. So many signs have revealed themselves just in these last few days. And now, it all makes sense. 

I have evolved, I am not the same that I was. I am no longer just a geologist. I am an astrologer too. This is interwoven into the fabric of my life and together I will craft a life so beautiful and awe-inspiring I can barely believe it already. To share my adventures to far flung places. To help others see and understand themselves and their lives with astrology. I will make geological maps, and astrological maps. I will paint the skies with my thoughts and canvas the earth with my body. 

So, this is Saturn’s lesson. Who would have thought.