the dirt podcast

This is a podcast about tree planting in the forest industry. The Dirt is a place to shed light on the culture that is mostly contained within those who have stuck a shovel in the ground.
Do you want to learn more about tree planting? Have you had a friend go tree planting and come back a totally different person, but you don’t understand why? Are you a tree planter and have a crazy story to share? Are you a planter who had a bad day and need someone who gets it to cheer you up? Are you nostalgic about your planting days and want to reminisce? This is the spot!

Cover art is by tree planter Bethany Davis from her illustration series “Follow the trees”


Episode 71: Fit To Plant with Delia Roberts The Dirt: Confessions of a Tree Planter

Delia Roberts is the President of Research & Programs at FitSafe Solutions. She is also the brainchild behind fit to plant, a widely used program within the industry. Her protocols and research have contributed to many of the H&S programs implemented as well as the standards. Its likely that if you've started your planting career with a larger company you have probably been directly impacted by some of her own research. We chat about her background and how she came to be involved with treeplanting, as well as some really interesting findings she's had. I asked her some of my burning questions, and a part 2 will definitely be needed!! Enjoy! LINKS
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  3. Episode 69: Evolution, Integrity, Authenticity & The End of Counterculture in Planting with Travis Chambers
  4. Episode 68: Lomi Lomi, Sacred Hawaiian Bodywork with Matthew Kent
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