the dirt podcast

This is a podcast about tree planting in the forest industry. The Dirt is a place to shed light on the culture that is mostly contained within those who have stuck a shovel in the ground.
Do you want to learn more about tree planting? Have you had a friend go tree planting and come back a totally different person, but you don’t understand why? Are you a tree planter and have a crazy story to share? Are you a planter who had a bad day and need someone who gets it to cheer you up? Are you nostalgic about your planting days and want to reminisce? This is the spot!

Cover art is by tree planter Bethany Davis from her illustration series “Follow the trees”


Episode 68: Lomi Lomi, Sacred Hawaiian Bodywork with Matthew Kent The Dirt: Confessions of a Tree Planter

Who is Matthew other than a longtime veteran treeplanter? He is also a Lomi Lomi practitioner. This conversation discusses his planting career to date, as well as his off season venture. He explains his journey to, and what Lomi Lomi is. We chat about that balance between planting and other pursuits, and where things may go in future. A great chat and another wonderful new approach in any and all human journeys. Enjoy! LINKS Website: IG: Offerings:
  1. Episode 68: Lomi Lomi, Sacred Hawaiian Bodywork with Matthew Kent
  2. Episode 66: Money Matters and Financial Empowerment with Matt Brickenden
  3. Special Announcement: Forest For the Trees Canada-Wide Screening!!
  4. Episode 67: From the Block to the Break with Melissa Morrison
  5. Episode 65: Surviving is Thriving, Insights from the Block

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