this is home.

My name is Erin Bros. First and foremost I am a Canadian astrologer. I am also a geologist, a treeplanter, and a freedom fighter. I come to you with tools to provide clarity, direction, and awareness. I offer 1-1 natal chart readings, a monthly outlook subscription service and workshops.

I stumbled upon astrology on the steps of my Saturn return. As I gained insight and learned more, I realized how powerful of a tool astrology is. Not only did it allow me to become more self aware and self assured in who I am, but also gave me context to the world around me. I have stayed in a much more empowered place since 2020 because of astrology.

My mission is to bring you the gift of astrology and help give you the answers to your questions, and the solutions to problems or difficulties you are having. I want you to walk away with astrology in your back pocket feeling empowered, clear, and prepared.