Neverending release.

It started
with a course
on money;
Module 1

I was instructed
to dance
Easy enough,
though I felt a little silly

It was when
I started to move
my body,
that is all came tumbling out

Pouring out of me
As though a dam
was releasing
the entire lake

So many emotions
I cannot process
the magnitude
of what is here

It feels
so much deeper
than where
I can dive to

And the raging torrent
the waves crashing
against my heart
There is a knowing

This is so much more
than recent events
This is so much bigger
than me

The cascade
of emotions,
pouring over me
like this flood

I am cracked open
Just like this dam
And now I cannot ignore
what is here

Great sighs,
like the heaving
of the Earth
My foundations

Absorbing the water
Deep breaths

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