Do It For Joy.

I don’t do this for myself

Contrary to popular belief

I do it for everyone who can’t

Which are most people

I do it for those who ache each night

Living lives unfulfilled

I do it for them

I do it for those I know and love

Those I would give a limb

To make their dreams come true

Trapped by the complexities of life

I want so badly to free them

And so I free them through me

Through my life and my choices

I hope I can emulate the kinds of dreams

They had always hoped for

That I can make those a reality

Just to show it can be done

And with that perhaps

They will rest peacefully

At the end of their days

Knowing that if they had chose to

They would have succeeded

It hurts me deeply

Aching like a rumbling shifting of plates

Deep beneath the surface

Movement no eyes can see

But can only feel

For those that will never love this life

To the extent they are truly capable of

Jealously is but sorrow

And sorrow I feel

With each story I hear

As years pass

And I grow more human

With every passing dream

Where are they now?

All those who came before

In my life and passers by

Just to catch a glimpse

To influence my path

In unique and subtle ways

To get me here today

Standing strong

I am carried by all of them

Wishing and wanting and weary

From only having but a dream

And never a reality

I do it for me

But really

I do it for them

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