february’s fullest lunation: the fixed sign frenzy

And here we are, at yet another full moon’s time. The darkest skies get brighter as she begins to shine again in all her glory. We wake up to our innermost desires as we feel the call within; the howl of the moon.

The Sun will fall into the decan of Mercury, and the Moon to Jupiter. This will also bring in the influence of Gemini & Pisces that I talk about later on here. The influence of these decans of this lunation brings the key to the releasing process of this energetic axis. The way out is through, and the through is facilitated by the energies of Mercury and Jupiter’s temples.

This full moon is important for many reasons. For one, it is of particular importance for Canadians. This comes at a home when we near the one year anniversary of the events around Ottawa, the freedom convoy, and the invocation of Marshall Law. Canada, one of the nicest and seemingly freest countries on Earth, saw itself plunge into the oblivion of Saturn in Aquarius: ultimate restriction. This is a potent reminder for all Canadians now as we move forward on the path of healing from these traumatic events. With the Aquarius heavy energies of the last few years, Leo has been called on for balance. A giant heart full of authentic courage has been necessary to weather these turbulent and dark storms. But with all the influence of the fixed energy, we may have a hard time letting go. Canadians and otherwise. How have the last few years influenced you? How has the restrictions affected you? And can you let it all go to move forward?

The square with Uranus brings the chance for potential curveballs that may make this entire process much more difficult than it needs to be. Perhaps bringing up aspects of safety that you experienced in this the last few years. Maybe even just the idea of staying at home is safer than going out in the world. It will enhance the fixed energy that is always resistant to change.

Yet we have the star crossed lovers coming in to help save the day! Venus and Mars will be squaring off during this lunation in the mutable signs of Pisces and Gemini. Pisces and Gemini are the temples of Jupiter and Mercury! Herein lies the key. They will want you to take all the tensions you are feeling, especially within relationships…whether that be with another or within yourself…and let it go! This is a natural and easeful process for mutable signs. They will bring about both sides of a coin for you to see, choose, and move along. Like the process of flipping a coin to make a decision, and then going forward with it without any further thought. This practice may even be helpful for you as you are caught up in choosing. Let whatever comes up be the answer, and stop overthinking it or worrying. The less control here the better. This is what this aspect is here for, as we have so much of the fixed energy circulating our skies.

So let go, & jump in.