What is unspoken.

Vociferous, what does that even mean? Reminds me that I need to read more. Research more. Be more.

But do I?
Why am I being so hard on myself?

With all that is turbulent these days,
it is almost too much to bear.
Reminding myself to deprogram,
undo, all I have been taught.

For I am on a precipice;
Deviousness clips at my heels as
I pretend that it is fine
Though I feel the weight of gravity,
trying to pull me off that cliff

My entire body is a ripple
In the waves of consciousness,
I feel, and slowly
I slurp back all that is being fed to me

Long hand, written and reviewed
Just like in the days of old
Before I had to change
Before I had to do, what I do now

This psychosis we are in,
we all face, is but a mirage
of all that we have always been.
It is all that has been coming.

The bell now tolls,
for each and every one
Who has not listened to
their loudness within.

Intuition begs us
to resist this propaganda,
and stand up 
for ourselves.

In doing so, we can 
finally be in the state
we all truly want,

Calm and peaceful 
as glass,
without a bugger,
to drop that stone
and cause a ripple.

Reverberating outwards,
effects felt for miles.
Seemingly small actions, yet
even a dwarf could feel like a giant.

Here we are,
in the great consultation,
of our time.
The awakening is here.

We have but minimal time,
to retrospect,
rearview mirrors
of what once was.

For now, we must only see
what can be,
should we choose,

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